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Most Popular Contact Lenses Price
Acuvue (6Pk) $18.95
Acuvue 2 (6Pk) $18.95
Acuvue Bifocal (6Pk) $38.95
Bausch & Lomb 2 Week (6Pk) $13.75
Biomedics 38 (6Pk) $17.95
Biomedics 55 (6Pk) $17.95
Focus Dailies (90Pk) $39.95
Focus Monthly (6Pk) $32.95
Focus 1-2 Week (6Pk) $18.95
Focus 1-2 Week Colors (6Pk) $29.95
Focus Night & Day (6Pk) $51.95
Frequency 55 (6Pk) $21.95
Optima FW /SeeQuence II (6Pk) $17.95
Proclear Compatibles (6Pk) $36.95
Surevue (6Pk) $18.95
NewVue (6Pk) $18.95
NewVue Colors (6Pk) $29.95
Soflens 66 Toric (6Pk) $27.95

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